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The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith did like it, more a 2 and 1/2, though all the hype about the author might have prejudiced me against it. must say could see what was all excitement about the writing, or maybe first time writers are getting really bad? (and yes i have read really bad writing!!!) so all the while i was thinking that rowling has written this and then leaked out that she did!!!
and then the story, it started slow and then you got into it and the characters and i really liked it all till the end chapeters which was a 2 star one! it was one fake and sensational ending, i could see that killer couldn't be anyone but the one who was revealed as the killer and yet till the last minute i was hoping that it was not, it was just too fake and hollywoodish (so unlike the middle chapters which really rather nice and definitely 3 and 1/2 stars bah hoping to see more reviews and some saying what i'm feeling! feeling a bit used!!! :) though i will definitely read another book by galbraith's, so both ok and not ok, though more an ok and so not 2 but 3 stars
The Distance Between Us - Kasie West something between 3 and 1/2 and 2 and 1/2!!! i like the writing and it flowed and it was so easy reading it, but then really the whole story and the problems were so ... one felt one and 1/2 reading it!! :) so if i wasn't in a good mood i would have hated this, that or if the writing was off (which wasn't!! :)) so 3 when i am feeling good and maybe 2 if i was in a bad mood. definitely won't recommend it, as well there are so many other books waiting to be read, though if you feel you want to read this, then do cause it won't be bad.
The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman definitely true that he has better books, and I do think that maybe this was not perfect and yet I loved it and so it's 5 stars!!
A Corner of White - Jaclyn Moriarty hallie and teresa are killing me :)
Gratuitous Epilogue - Andrea K. Höst liked it just because I really, really liked the touchstone trilogy and so was fun reading about them all.
Wild Awake - Hilary T. Smith 2 in terms of me liking the book, it just left me with a not happy feeling or more precisely i didn't feel good when reading it, though that might be due to good writing and a disturbing issue. so me feeling 2 BUT the writing was maybe three.
Also the ending was so-so, it didn't feel as strong it had kind of a happy ending that so didn't feel right for the book, though maybe the other parts left you feeling so bad that the author took pity on the readers? still felt wrong with the happy ending and i am one of the people that loves happy ending!!!
i really must discipline myself, not just jump in and read only books that my friends have previously read!! i'm so not a good judge! :)
The Friday Society - Adrienne Kress didn't start great and can totally see the "cute" mentioned in "Isana"'s review and so am going to put it on hold for now, maybe someday
and now going to read some fluff and mean to be cute :)
First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones maybe even 2 and a 1/2 stars, i just didn't like it much
A Murder at Rosamund's Gate - Susanna Calkins it would have been a two (maybe) but for the awful last chapters!
Emilie and the Hollow World - Martha Wells 3 1/2 really, most enjoyable book. maybe i was thinking of martha wells and wanting more?
Pink - Lili Wilkinson nice, very and after so many bad books this was really, really nice :) i am so happy!!!! (and now to choose wisely the next book)
The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club - J.C. Isabella and from now on, i would try to read only books read and given stars by my friends
Aces Up - Lauren Barnholdt more 2 1/2.
The Girl is Murder - Kathryn Miller Haines this was fun
Quintana of Charyn - Melina Marchetta so i was telling a friend that i give 5 stars to books that are perfect, and well this one is really not perfect, not perfect if kafka or camus or hardinge or ... are and yet this is a 5 star for me; i forgot about love, i give 5 star to books that i love and i loved this book, loved this series and loved, loved this last one.
Revenant Eve - Sherwood Smith my only problem with the three books in these series are the last chapters, i don't like it's like people saying goodbye here, they say goodbye and then stand on the street for 5 minutes saying really nothing but not going away!!!