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Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles ok, just a note that from now i on i would only read ya books written by the authors that i know or when either hallie or teresa have read them and think them good. i can't believe that i bought this, it was not me in so many levels, the first thing i didn't like was ofcourse my fault the writing was just too simple, my fault cause it was ya and so in one description of ya, meant for younger readers maybe it's right to have simple words and short sentences. it fit into "i read it in one day", though i read it in one day because it was not taxing and it didn't live any trails and .... so my fault for not liking it as it was definitely not my style of writing.
but then [spoiler:]oooh i think teresa would have loved the references to the sex! i mean it made him want to change and not be in gang anymore? and ahhhh everything else, not one realistic things which really at the end it got worse and worse; the confrontation at the locker with colin, how isabel would never forget this, how shelley was happy, oh which reminds me how they met again... it was sooo barbara cartland and definitely not romeo and julie[end spoiler:]
i really needed to write, again to remind me that i need to remember that only if hallie or teresa have read it first and also to remind me that i am getting too old for some books.
to good thing is that after this i feel obliged to my brain to read middlesex, which hengameh has been hounding me to read forever. i must listen to my friend more!