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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows i just had to add my thoughts on this one, because i just had two very different feelings at the same time, i really enjoyed the book and would definitely force it on my friends and family and yet at the same time i so disliked it! i know, can't really explain, though i would try to, and would sooooooooo love to hear comments and maybe explanations on why i felt as i did and what i was feeling really! at least my feeling towards elizabeth was consistent and i really, really didn't like her, i thought her to be very uncaring. maybe that's the reason or the explanation for my feeling towards the book, i mean this was feel good story and here were all these nice and exceptional people and so you couldn't help but like them and all the cute stories; just like what was told of elizabeth. and then if you looked at reality not what the words said, this really couldn't be happening, war is not really like this, and people usually at times of great hardship and ugliness don't act like guernsey people and sit around and read books. exactly like while everyone talked in the story of all these lovely things that elizabeth did not one of her doings were acts of a compassionate and caring person, all her major moves were just selfish

SPOILER her best friends are touched deeply by the enemy (ok these enemies can be people and in time of peace you can be friends with them but right now they are the enemy, bombing your cities and killing your friends not to say anything of the prison camps on the island and the way those prisoner are treated) so looking at how eben has lost everyone he loved to the war and enemy, how amelia is mourning her son... how could she take up a german lover? and then force him
on her friends and want them to accept him? if that's not selfish i don't know what is? and then she was a child, a child with such an uncertain future, when the was ends what is going to happen to her? is she going to be accepted anywhere, oooh but she doesn't think about it and then having this responsibility she OFCOURSE has to go and harbor a prisoner and not think twice about getting caught and what happens to kit. and in the prison she has to do this very futile action of striking a guard (this doesn't help the prisoner and if what is said of the guards true it would probably make life for her and all the other harder) but no elizabeth doesn't think about that or about kit.
all her actions show a very selfish person that doesn't care about anyone and doesn't think about anyone except what she feels like doing at the moment.... ahhh i feel so good talking about elizabeth! :) END OF SPOILER

so this was not a real book about real people and if it was a fantasy i would have loved it, i liked the way it was written and all the cute stories, but this book pretended that it was about a real war and real people and war is so not cute and people are so not these quirky and
one dimensional beings, all nice and fun.